Hairoun Beer drinkers rewarded in ‘Pot of Gold’ promotion
January 10, 2017
Hairoun Beer drinkers rewarded in ‘Pot of Gold’ promotion

A Hairoun Beer crown is something that you would normally throw away,­ but collecting and storing them has paid off for Jonel Young and 11 other lucky beer drinkers.{{more}}

Young is the winner of Hairoun Beer and the St Vincent Brewery’s Christmas promotion, “Pot of Gold” and as a result, on Friday night, she walked away with a 55 inch television set during the grand finale of the promotion which was held in Georgetown.

During the life of the promotion, the Brewery changed its Hairoun Beer bottle caps to gold coloured ones and persons were asked to collect and store the caps, as the 12 persons with the most crowns would win prizes.

Young handed in some 7,808 caps and as a resulted was rewarded with the flat screen television by regional commercial manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams.

Collecting her prize last Friday night at the grand finale in her hometown, Young said that her entire family helped gather the crowns.

“I feel good to have won the television; we work hard and now we can upgrade our 42 inch to a 55 inch,” said the smiling woman, who said that her son went all over the village collecting crowns.

The other winners were Alphonso Boyce (S7 Smartphone, 6,915 crowns), Marilyn Antoine (PS4, 6,463 crowns), Kenute DeRoche (a year supply of beer, 6,388 crowns), Jemma Wickham (Panasonic System, 6,154 crowns), Peaulla McDowall (EC$1,200, 5,679 crowns), Shantell John (bike, 5,372 crowns), Yoland Glasgow (Smartwatch, 4,813 crowns), Michael Peniston (BBQ Grill, 4,228 crowns), Shenette Sutherland (EC$500, 4,200 crowns), Ariel St Hill (six cases of beer, 3,631 crowns) and Patricia Bowens (three hams, a case of beer, 3,456 crowns).

Shenette Sutherland of Sandy Bay was also on hand to collect her EC$500. She said that her daughter helped her gather the crowns.

“I feel great and half of the money is my daughter own, so I would like to thank the Brewery”, said Sutherland.

During the grand finale, a number of persons also won prizes by playing guessing games. Persons were invited on to the stage and asked to guess the number of crowns that were in bags being held by Hairoun models. The person with the closest guess won cases of Hairoun beer.

Josine Browne of Calder was one such winner. She won herself four cases of beer.

“I feel great and I will drink Hairoun when I reach home”, said Browne, smiling.

Tretius Haynes of Green Hill also won beers. He said that he guesses the number of crowns in the bag by watching closely.

Orland Frederick of Chili Village was another winner.

“I feel good and I enjoyed myself here tonight. I always come out because it is an exciting place to be when Hairoun around. Anywhere Hairoun Beer is is a good place to be”, said Frederick.

The event saw performances by a number of the nation’s top DJs and soca artistes, including “L Pank” and “Naptali”.

The promotion was seen as a way to protect the environment, as the crowns will be recycled.