Further claims of unlawfulness aimed at Police RRU
January 10, 2017
Further claims of unlawfulness aimed at Police RRU

Green Hill resident Alvin Antrobus is once again accusing officers attached to the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) of violating his rights.

On Thursday, December 29, Antrobus complained to SEARCHLIGHT that on Christmas Eve 2016, RRU officers picked him up in Paul’s Avenue in the area of Gaymes Book Store and took him to McKies Hill and beat him, leaving his six-year-old son standing at the side of the road unsupervised.

Now, Antrobus is claiming,that on the same day that he reported his matter to the Police Public Relations Department and the media, officers went to his home in Green Hill and threatened his family.

“I wasn’t home, but when I come me girlfriend tell me police come and ask for me. Dem ain’t say if I must come in or what I should do, dem ain’t say.

“The policeman I make the report on … saying how I kill his father and his brother and accusing me…”, Antrobus told SEARCHLIGHT on December 30.

He said that the officers who visited his home scared his girlfriend Kellicia Sutherland and their six-year-old daughter.

“Right now this have me kinda scared too because … where I live I don’t have no [electricity], it real dark too; sometimes on night time I does have to go to the shop…what if I come and meet my house burn down and my family dead? This man threatening my family like if he don’t have a family?”

Antrobus said that he knows the officer who is issuing the threats, but he doesn’t know who his father and brother are. He said that his daughter ran to him breathless and crying when he got home, thinking that the police are going to kill him.

“…She saying ‘daddy dem going kill you?’”

Supporting her boyfriend’s claim, Sutherland said that about 9 a.m. on December 30, police officers came to their Green Hill residence, asked for Antrobus and threatened them.

She said they didn’t search the house, but made the threatening statements while armed with guns and in the presence of three children, (seven months, two years and six years old).

Sutherland said that this was her first experience dealing with anything of this nature.

Recalling the incident, Antrobus’ and Sutherland’s six-year-old daughter commented: “The police dem said them go burn down the house and dem go shoot up the house and make everybody dead and them go make the whole world think is gunman do it”.

Inspector Hawkins Nanton of the Police Public Relations Department said that the Christmas Eve incident involving Antrobus is being investigated, as Antrobus and his lawyer Michaela Ambrose have filed an official report. The report is being supported by medical forms detailing injuries allegedly sustained when he was taken to McKies Hill.

Inspector Nanton, however, noted that the alleged visit to Antrobus’s residence by RRU officers has not been reported to the Department.