FLOW signs comedian Majah Hype as Brand Ambassador
January 10, 2017

FLOW signs comedian Majah Hype as Brand Ambassador

Vincentians love comedian “Majah Hype” (real name Collin Nigel McPherson), and now, “Majah Hype”, the Caribbean’s iconic comedy star, is a Flow Brand Ambassador.

This internationally-recognized Jamaican born, United States based comedian is known for his infectious online videos, many of which have become viral sensations, depicting hilarious Caribbean characters, including favourites “Di Rass,” “Grandpa James” and “Sister Sandrine.”

“Majah is more than just hype. He is a Caribbean artiste at heart; he identifies with the islands, and has taken on the task of unifying the people of the region as one with his own unique brand of comedy. His act, he says, serves as a means of breaking down national barriers and bringing people together with relatable content,” said FLOW in a release.

“Passionate about connecting Caribbean and diaspora audiences, Majah epitomizes the spirit, energy and dynamism of the Flow brand and its mission of connecting communities…transforming lives”, the release added.

Majah Hype joins Flow’s impressive cadre of internationally recognized sports, music and entertainment Brand Ambassadors.

He is known for the ease in which he can speak in any Caribbean accent and his extremely funny videos of Caribbean stereotypes.