‘Party Nation’ sets sights on creating ultimate party experience in SVG
December 9, 2016

‘Party Nation’ sets sights on creating ultimate party experience in SVG

Come 2017, a new entertainment entity by the name of ‘Party Nation’ is expected to create a local ultra-premium party experience, geared towards promoting St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Vincy Mas product.

Party Nation is the brainchild of music producer Mark Cyrus, entrepreneur Calvert Jones and international music industry icon Ivan Berry.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, from Master Room Studio located at New Montrose, Cyrus said that he, Jones and Berry have come together to create Party Nation, a business which embraces three different aspects of Vincy Mas, while aiming to attract internationally recognized entertainment professionals to these shores to enjoy our product.

Party Nation will be entering in Carnival Monday T-shirt band activities, Carnival Tuesday costume band or Mardi Gras celebrations and a party set, which Vincentians know as “Shipwreck,” but which will be called by another name.

Party Nation will be launched early 2017 and will host a number of events leading up to the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas.

Cyrus revealed that designers associated with Party Nation are world class professionals from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and right here in SVG.

Designing for Party Nation will be Barbadian Lauren Austin. Austin is the design director of Barbados based carnival band, ‘The Aura Experience’ and is a past designer with another Barbadian band, ‘Zulu International’. International singing sensation Barbadian Rihanna Fenty is usually seen in Austin’s designs during Barbados’ carnival celebrations. A number of local designers and coordinators will also be used.

In relation to the “Shipwreck” party aspect of the venture, Cyrus revealed that Trinidadian Ian Wilshire of “Glow” and “Insomnia” fame will be assisting with the set design.

Party Nation is hoping to work in sync with the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) to help promote Vincy Mas’s 40th anniversary.

“Our events are subject to permission from the CDC and so far they seem very excited about the 40th anniversary. We hope to bring an exciting new, fresh, premium style of partying both before and during Carnival,” stressed Cyrus.

Jones noted that it being the 40th anniversary, Party Nation is hoping to have the support of the CDC.

He said that the CDC seems very excited about its own plans and seems to be in support of Party Nation’s initiatives, as the entertainment entity have also sought to engage the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) and the Ministry of Tourism.

“One of the elements that we are looking to do is engage some celebrity power to come to these shores to party at events. We can’t call any names at the moment, because that would be unveiled at a series of events that we are planning leading up to Vincy Mas”, explained Jones.

He added that the group is hoping to promote the destination and the Vincy Mas brand and they want to be seen not just as another promotion business, but as an entity helping to put the country on the map.

“While we hope to have a very profitable venture, the strategy is to bring more to the table for all the entities involved,” noted Jones, who revealed that they have hopes of engaging regional and international players in the broadcast market who would capture content or be engaged in promoting what we have to offer.

Broadcasters expected are Fever Network from Canada and Tempo Networks (a pan-Caribbean television channel broadcasting the music and culture of the Caribbean).

“Our operation will be geared holistically towards promoting Vincy Mas, Carnival and St Vincent and the Grenadines as a destination in a very big way and I think for the 40th year of Vincy Mas, this is a great time,” said Jones.

He revealed that Party Nation will not take away from the other Mas bands, as a few of them have opted out of Vincy Mas 2017 and Party Nation will fill that void. Jones noted also that the Argyle International Airport (AIA) will soon open and their promotions will be geared towards benefiting from that.

“I think that patrons can look forward to quality entertainment and an ultra-ultra-premium experience. We hope to have access to international flights soon and that is one of the key parts where we think our band numbers would be met. Persons need to prepare to improve patrons’ experience of Carnival seeing the introduction of the airport”, said Jones.

Party Nation will be primarily sponsored by the SVG Cocoa Company.(LC)