Adelphi resident wins big with FLOW’s Christmas promotion
December 9, 2016
Adelphi resident wins big with FLOW’s Christmas promotion

FLOW customer Lionel Alexander will leave in the bank the EC$1,000 he won from the telecommunications company’s Christmas promotion and use it for something important in the future.

On November 18, Alexander signed up for one of FLOW’s post-paid packages and received a Samsung J2 free; he was also entered in the Christmas draw for a chance to win EC$1,000.{{more}}

“It is not every day that you get $1,000 handed to you,” said the New Adelphi resident, after collecting his winnings last week Thursday, December 1 at FLOW’S Corporate offices at Halifax Street.

Alexander, who has been using FLOW’s services for five years, said that last week Monday, November 28, he received a call from “Pitbull,” who was live on Hot 97.1 FM informing him that he had won EC$1,000 from FLOW.

“I was on a van on my way to do some work in the evening and when I got the call, it did not sink in right away, but when it sink in I said “wow, this is for real,” said Alexander, who was informed that he had won live on air.

“I was excited, to see I won a $1,000 in this time.

“I feel like I was flying in space, knowing I won something so unexpected,” stressed Alexander.

He added, “I put it in the bank for hard times, because getting it unexpected, you have to use it wisely. It will help in the future to do something important and I would like to say thanks to FLOW for making Christmas nice.”

The construction worker said that he will remain a FLOW customer for as long as he can.

FLOW’s Marketing and Communications executive Melissa Veira stressed on Wednesday that persons who decide to use FLOW’s services this Christmas have a lot to look forward to, as the telecommunications services provider is giving consumers what they consider to be the most wonderful Christmas ever.

This year, FLOW’s Christmas promotion is being celebrated under the theme, “enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with FLOW” and will reward persons who purchase cellular phones, television and broadband services, as well as the various bundled deals being offered by the company.