Murder suspect punches out Sharpes man’s window
November 18, 2016
Murder suspect punches out Sharpes man’s window

The man who is alleged to have killed four persons between Sunday night and Monday morning is also alleged to have tried to break into the home of a resident of Redemption Sharpes.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, the homeowner, who asked that his name be omitted, stated that sometime between 1:15 and 1:45 a.m. on Monday morning, a shirtless man, wearing a black backpack tried to enter his home.{{more}}

The Redemption Sharpes man recalled pulling across his curtain when he heard a noise and asking the man who he was.

“So, I keep asking the person now, ‘Boy who you be, wey you come fa, wey you name boy, me ain know you who you be?’”

The man said the intruder then put a knife in his mouth, drew his hand back and punched out a window of the house.

In response, the resident said he shouted to his girlfriend to pass his cutlass and the man outside of their house fled.

Notably, this Redemption Sharpes residence is only a few metres away from the Kingstown Park home of Pamela Williams, a retired nurse who was brutally murdered early Monday morning.

Williams’ neighbours apprehended 18-year-old Jurani ‘Wanny’ Baptiste, who was, up to press time, under police guard at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Sandy Bay residents allege that Baptiste is a known substance abuser and say he was released from the mental health centre only two weeks ago.

Baptiste is also a person of interest in the murders of Nicholas Layne, Avis Israel and her son Ronald Israel, who were killed earlier that same night.

A police source told SEARCHLIGHT that other persons were attacked between Sunday night and Monday morning, but managed to escape with their lives. (AS)