November 18, 2016

Curtains come down on Hairoun Independence promotion today

Today, Friday, November 18, the St Vincent Brewery Limited and Hairoun Beer will park a cement mixer truck at Heritage Square.

No, they are not doing construction. The company and their flagship brand Hairoun will use the truck to bring their 2016 Independence promotion, “Hairoun Celebrates 37 years of Independence with 37 Grand” to an end.{{more}}

According to regional commercial manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams, the 37 grand promotion was so well accepted by Hairoun beer drinkers that the entries for the draw could not hold in the ordinary raffle mixer, so the Brewery had to improvise and use a cement mixer truck.

“Last October we launched Hairoun Celebrates 37 years of Independence with 37 Grand, where we promised to give away EC$37,000 as part of our celebrations of Independence. A lot of persons participated, so we have to use a cement truck to turn the entries,” explained London-Williams.

During the promo, which was launched on Tuesday, October 11 at the St Vincent Brewery Limited at Campden Park, persons were asked to collect seven Hairoun Beer crowns, place them in an envelope with their contact details and drop them in boxes that were available nationwide at establishments that sell the Brewery’s products.

But while four draws were to held weekly on the days leading up to be Independence, which would have seen 11 lucky persons win different amounts of cash, the inclement weather conditions prevented some of the draws. These will be held today, Friday, November 18 and will see four lucky persons walking away with EC$1,000 each, one person winning EC$8,000 and one person winning EC$16,000.

On Tuesday, during a press briefing, London-Williams apologized to Georgetown residents, as one of the draws was to be held there, but was stopped because of the weather.

“We are calling on persons to come to Heritage Square for the draws. As a national beer, we thought, what better way than to reward customers for supporting local business over the years. So far, we have given away quite a lot of money, but we still have some left, so on Friday, we will be bringing Heritage Square alive, where we will be giving away the balance of the money,” said London-Williams.

Persons hoping to win one of the four EC$1,000 prizes will have to take part in a family feud style game, where they will have to answer questions about St Vincent and the Grenadines, our culture and things that are uniquely Vincentian.

After that, the sweepstake draws for EC$8,000 and EC$16,000 will be held, using the cement mixer.

“It’s a lot of money, EC$28,000, to be given away in total this Friday in Heritage Square. We will have a fine time on Friday; there will be six winners,” stressed London-Williams.

Entertainment will be provided by “Fireman Hooper” and “L Pank”.