Prospect resident wins iPhone from Digicel
November 11, 2016

Prospect resident wins iPhone from Digicel

“I didn’t expect to win, because I have never won anything,” were among the first words uttered by Prospect resident Jennika Walker, who was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was the winner of a brand new iPhone 6s+ compliments Digicel SVG.

As part of celebrations to mark the 37th anniversary of Independence here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, telecommunications provider Digicel creatively found ways to give back to all of its customers and offered them a number of opportunities to win big. {{more}}Postpaid customers were encouraged to pay their bill in full before October 29, using the My Digicel App, for a chance to win an iPhone 6s, valued at EC $3,700.

Walker, a Digicel postpaid customer, was randomly selected and named winner of the Apple smartphone and was on Tuesday, November 8th, invited to Digicel’s corporate office in Kingstown to collect her winnings.

Walker expressed much thanks to Digicel for the iPhone 6s, explaining that while she participated in the promotion, she really did not expect to be identified the winner, since she has never won anything over the 13 years she has been a Digicel customer.

Additionally, Walker encouraged other Digicel customers to participate in the promotions put on by the company, explaining that “Though it may seem that you are not winning, your turn might just be next.”

SVG’s 37th anniversary of Independence also saw Digicel offering Vincentians $37 off Azumi A35C with the purchase of a 7-day data plan.

Additionally, prepaid customers who topped up $3 or more were instantly qualified to get their share of 37,000 minutes every hour.