‘Props’ to White on unique business venture
November 1, 2016
‘Props’ to White on unique business venture

Nashida White has always had an entrepreneurial drive.

So, when she found herself unemployed for two years with two young children, that drive went into overload, and she pushed herself to start a new business.{{more}}

White, during an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said that she started ‘The Prop Shop SVG,’ after being encouraged by friends to turn a hobby into a business – making props/accessories for special occasions.

She explained that while she mainly makes props for birthday parties, baby showers and bridal showers, they can be used for so much more.

“Even if you want to launch a business and you want to add a twist to it, you can set your logos on a photo screen and make your business launch a bit more exciting and interesting,” explained White.

What makes this business venture even more interesting is the fact that this mother-of-two has included her young daughter Jael in it – to instill in her the same entrepreneurial drive that she (White) possesses.

“I decided to include my daughter to show her that in life you don’t always have to sit down and wait to be employed.”

White admitted that apart from being creative, she also has a competitive streak, both of which she employs with ‘The Prop Shop SVG’.

“When I see things online I always tell myself ‘okay, well I could do that and I could do something better looking, better than what I see online’.”

Currently a registered nurse, White explained that her working hours, coupled with running a business, means her days are very busy.

However, she emphasized that raising her children always takes priority.

“I make sure that I prepare the children, help Jael with her homework and then work on what I have to do.”

In addition to The Prop Shop, White also runs a Christmas decor business, ‘The Inside Job,’ which is done only for Christmas.

She advised that young people who are creative and have a drive to succeed should never be afraid to ask questions, and should always be self-motivated.

“You can’t wait for people to push you,” insisted White.

“You have to be self-motivated, because at the end of the day it is you who wants something… People wouldn’t be inspired to push you as much as you would be inspired to push yourself!”

To find out more about ‘The Prop Shop SVG’, visit its Facebook (The prop shop svg) and Instagram pages at ‘thepropshopsvg’. (CM)