Courts customers, staff experience Customer Service Week 2016
October 28, 2016
Courts customers, staff experience Customer Service Week 2016

Customers and staff of Courts St Vincent Limited were in for treats recently, as the furniture, appliance, electronics and eyewear provider held its annual Customer Service Week event.

The week of activities, which took place from October 10 to 14, saw Courts showing both staff and shoppers that they were appreciated by the company and were worthy of a full week of expression of such gratitude, with a number of activities being held in their honour.{{more}}

Activities included a Customer Appreciation Day, during which blood pressure and blood sugar testing were done. There was also a massage booth where customers were treated to massages, courtesy The Onyx Spa. In addition, Coreas Hazells was in store conducting sampling of their new product, Signature Snacks.

Other activities were focused on staff appreciation, in an effort to forge stronger relationships among staff. Some of the activities included a bingo evening, a career theme day and an interdepartmental skit competition.

One of the most impactful events of the week was “A Day In My Shoes”, where the various heads of departments spent a day doing the tasks of employees in different departments.

Senior manager Michele Samuel had the honour of working with her delivery team.

Courts management pointed out that Customer Service Week 2016 would not have been a success had it not been for the staff and valued customers, as well as the various business houses who partnered with Courts for the event, namely Beachcombers Hotel, Digicel, The Onyx Spa and the Bamboo Spa.