Digicel new country manager to host virtual public meeting
September 30, 2016
Digicel new country manager to host virtual public meeting

Newly appointed Country Manager at Digicel SVG John Davies will next week give the Vincentian populace a very unique opportunity to interact with him on a one-on-one basis, sharing likes, dislikes and suggestions on how the telecommunication giant can better meet their needs.{{more}}

On Wednesday, October 5, Digicel SVG will facilitate a Facebook Live session from 10 to 11am, which will be chaired by the new Digicel manager.

Davies said he saw it necessary to host such a session, since Digicel is very much a customer oriented company that prides itself on not only providing quality services to its customers, but also is specifically concerned with exceeding customers’ expectations and enhancing their standard of living.

Additionally, Davies said the one hour live public session will provide local journalists with the opportunity to ask questions they may have, which will help to provide them with a better understanding on the direction Digicel SVG is heading.

The Digicel SVG country manager said while he is anticipating a plethora of questions on Digicel’s products and services, it is his hope that Vincentians will also use the forum to put forward ideas on possible developmental projects Digicel can undertake in their respective communities and SVG as a whole, under the outreach arm of Digicel SVG- C.O.R.P.

Moreover, Davies explains that as the telecommunications company prepares to launch another extraordinary Christmas campaign, he will like to allow Vincentians that opportunity to share their views and guide Digicel on how best it can help to ensure that Christmas 2016 is second to none. Davies said while it is not unusual for Digicel to exceed its customers’ expectations this Christmas will see the company not only rewarding loyal and longstanding customers, but all Digicel customers in very tangible and significant ways.

Persons interested in being a part of next Wednesday’s live discussion can do so at DigicelSVG on Facebook.