September 30, 2016
CWSA reports minimal damage of pipelines

Following the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) is so far reporting only minimal damage to its pipeline infrastructure. Its technical teams were hampered Thursday morning by continuing heavy rainfall and winds. However at press time they were in the field and in the mountains conducting further pipeline inspections.{{more}}

Additionally, following the closure of most of its systems on Wednesday, the CWSA had on Thursday restored water supply to about 60 per cent of the mainland, including all of the Leeward coast, with the Hermitage, Layou, Majorca, Montreal and Fancy systems being brought back online on Thursday.

There has also been partial restoration of the Dalaway supply and it is expected that areas from South Leeward to Calliaqua will see a gradual restoration of their water supply during Thursday afternoon and evening.

The Jennings, Perseverance and Sandy Bay systems that supply most of the Windward coast were scheduled to be back online also during the course of Thursday afternoon.