September 27, 2016
SVG beefs up firearm legislation

Local firearm legislation has been beefed up in response to the number of gun related offences taking place in the country.

During a presentation at the High Court during the opening of the Law Term last week, Serefa Harper, who was standing in for Attorney-General Judith Jones-Morgan, stated that last year, 25 homicides were recorded, 11 of them being committed with the use of firearms.{{more}} This year, 15 homicides have been recorded so far, 13 of which involved the use of firearms.

Harper reported that the Government has taken a strong position against firearms and has amended the law where unlawful possession of a firearm previously carried a maximum term of one year imprisonment, it now carries up to seven years.

She further stated that the laws for granting a firearm licence have also been altered, so that the Commissioner of Police is no longer the sole decision maker in who attains a firearm licence. That decision now lies with the Firearms Licensing Board.

Additionally, the Ministry of National Security, in an effort to tackle head on crime and violence, has procured six additional Nissan pick-ups for the police force.

The vehicles are specifically for use in the out district stations to help make the officers mobile and be more visible in the communities. (AS)