September 27, 2016
International veterinarians to hold free clinics to ‘fix’ dogs, cats

In conjunction with the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, World Vets, an international aid organization for animals, will hold free spaying and neutering clinics on October 13 at the Biabou Learning Centre, and October 14 – 15 in Owia at Shepen, next to the Salt Pond, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A team of seven veterinarians from Italy, Japan and the United States, plus seven technicians and assistants will volunteer their time and skills to spay and neuter our dogs and cats.{{more}}

Spaying and neutering (also called sterilising, fixing, tying off) benefit not only the animals, but the nation as a whole. Their numbers are increasing drastically and without human intervention the current ‘problem’ of overpopulation will become a ‘crisis’. The problem? Thousands of dogs and cats are unwanted and uncared for, yet they keep reproducing, two to three litters per year, four to 10 pups or kittens per litter. They suffer, the environment suffers, and humans suffer – physically, socially, economically.

World Vets recognize the importance of the One Health concept, in which the health of humans, animals and their ecosystems are inescapably linked. “Our programs help not only animals, but also people and the communities in which they live.” Everything is connected. Through the spaying and neutering of owned and stray dogs and cats, we humans decrease and control their numbers, which ultimately benefits the whole.

The World Vets team will also provide health consultations and additional surgical procedures, if requested ahead of time. Additionally, they welcome the participation of locally based veterinarians, vet students and/or skilled volunteers. Please call the VSPCA at 532-9327 to request participation in the clinics’ service activities or for extra vet services for your dogs and cats. There is no charge for your pet’s health care, but donations are appreciated.

Join your neighbours and bring all owned and stray dogs and cats in your area, which have not yet been neutered, to the World Vets/VSPCA clinics in Biabou and Owia. VSPCA and the Ministry of Agriculture will assist with catching strays and transporting owners and pets to and from venues. Please take advantage of these free services. YOU can make a difference in the welfare and well-being of your nation’s animals and people!