September 27, 2016
CWSA urging all homes to activate emergency plans

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) is urging its customers to activate all home emergency plans specific to water and solid waste management.{{more}}

This comes following information from the Hurricane Centre in Florida and our own National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) which indicates the onset of showers and thunderstorms associated with a broad low pressure system.

“To date it is reported that environmental conditions remain conducive for the development of this system. This may result in landslides and flooding which can damage pipe lines and affect the water supply,” the release from the CWSA said

The CWSA said emergency plans specific to water and solid waste management include ensuring that there is adequate storage of water for every member of your family to last for up to three days – approximately 10 gallons of water per person per day.

Persons are also asked to note that in times of disaster and as long as NEMO declares a disaster all are required to secure their garbage until the necessary notice is issued by the Solid Waste Management Unit.