Vincentian graduates from elite Chinese University
July 12, 2016
Vincentian graduates from elite Chinese University

“It has been an incredible journey. Five years ago, I would have called foolish anyone who told me that I would have spent a considerably long part of my youth in China, becoming fluent in mandarin Chinese, among some of China’s brightest.”

Those are the words of Adaiah Providence-Culzac, who graduated recently from the highly ranked Zhejiang University in China, majoring in International Economy and Trade.

The former CW Prescod Primary and St Vincent Grammar School student believes that his mother has been his biggest cheerleader and has the strongest influence on his success.

“She believes in me, encourages me and I watched her as a single parent sacrifice to give me the best,” he recalled. “I shed tears remembering that in my formative years she once told me: ‘The best thing I can give you in life is an education and you will be able to buy all the things in the world that you wish for now’.”

As to his experience studying in China, he admits that it had been a challenge studying in a foreign language, particularly with the peculiarities of Chinese and adapting to the Chinese way of life. However, he boldly proclaims he would do it again. In fact, “having learnt basic French and Spanish, I must say I have found learning Chinese to be easier,” he quipped.

“China is an amazing country with an unmatched history, growing in confidence as it attains economic and political clout on the international stage. It has been a sleeping dragon reawakened on the heels of economic prosperity. Being here, you can’t help but notice the lessons for small island developing countries such as St Vincent and the Grenadines and our region as a whole.”

And Adaiah, who secured an OAS scholarship to pursue his studies, is advising all Vincentian students to always strive for excellence.

“University builds your character as an individual, as you are faced with several hurdles and obstacles in and out of the classroom. Navigating these successfully is the hallmark of your diploma. It is not necessarily a toast to your academics, but a toast of your ability to persevere and overcome,” he advised.

“I am feeling very happy at the moment because life has thrown up several painful episodes over the years. At the same time, I am excited about the future and ready to commit to playing my part in developing our country.”

Providence thanked the OAS; Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves; the manager of the National Lotteries Authority, McGregor Sealey; Augustus Bute; and Luzette King, who have all been instrumental in his success.

“It would be remiss of me not to also say thanks to the editor of the Searchlight newspaper for giving me a platform over the period, which has allowed me to contribute to national discourse.”