September 11, 2015
Children receive school supplies

Some 126 children who reside in West Kingstown received school bags with supplies at a ceremony at the Peace Memorial Hall on Wednesday, September 9, thanks to the efforts of a number of individuals in the community.{{more}}

The Urban League and Friends of West Kingstown/New York, collaborated on this initiative .

Tammy Kirby, formerly of Rose Place, started the Friends of West Kingstown group as a Facebook page to help children of West Kingstown.

Sean Fredericks, of the group Urban League, said that working with residents of the community, a list of recipients had been drawn up. Some of those who received supplies attended the Urban League’s summer programme during the July/August vacation and all are students of either a primary school or a secondary school.

Samuel Garrick, a parent of one of the recipients, told SEARCHLIGHT that he was very grateful for the donation.

“When I was younger, our parents could not afford bags for everybody, and I was one of those who had to carry my books in plastic bag…I am very thankful for the donation; it will go a very long way.”

He said he hopes the children will take care of the bags and be grateful for the donations.