September 1, 2015
Vinsave summer programme ends

THE VINSAVE SUMMER PROGRAMME came to a close with a concert by the children and an exhibition of their work.

The six-week programme, which ended on August 21, was held under the theme “I Can Create Things” and catered for children aged 4-14 years.{{more}} Over the six weeks, the children were engaged in a number of activities including Arts and Craft, Nutrition, Language activities, Dance and Drama. They were also taken on field trips and nature walks.

Featured speaker at the closing ceremony health educator Celoy Nichols encouraged the children to apply what they have learnt when they go back to school, to remember the watch words of respect, love, obedience, commitment and listening. The children and facilitators also gave reflections of their experiences of the programme.

Executive director of Vinsave Janice Fraser also spoke of the benefits the children have gained from their attendance at the programme and noted the contribution of the children in their evaluation, which will be taken into consideration in the planning of the 2016 programme.

She also commended staff and volunteers for their commitment to the programme.

Certificates were awarded to the children for their participation.