Mother of two living in fear  of violent neighbourhood man
August 28, 2015
Mother of two living in fear of violent neighbourhood man

“It seems as though I live in jail in my own home… I don’t know how much I could take, to be honest!”

This was the lament of Nathalie Quashie-John, who says for almost a decade, she has been living in fear of a man who resides in her community. The Chilli (Georgetown){{more}} resident claims that the man has not only threatened her life, but also the safety of her two young daughters.

In addition to this, Quashie-John alleges that this man has broken into her house on numerous occasions, stolen money from her, killed her animals, and – most recently – set fire to a shed on her property.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the mother of two broke down in tears as she recounted the experiences she claims she has had to suffer with this man – who also resides in her community. She also vented her frustration with the local police and judicial system for not doing enough to stop him from harassing her.

“It seems as though I have no justice… seems as though they are protecting the criminal instead of the innocent!”

Quashie-John said that her woes began almost a decade ago, when she won a case against the man. She said he even harasses her 13-year-old daughter when he sees her in the neighbourhood – making inappropriate sexual comments about having her when she reaches the age of 16.

Since the last attack, which took place on Sunday, August 16, Quashie-John said that she has not been staying at her house, as she does not feel safe there without her husband, who is currently abroad sailing.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she has been staying with a number of relatives in the interim, which on one occasion caused her three-year-old daughter to fall ill because of allergies she suffered at one of the houses.

Quashie-John also voiced her frustration at not being able to receive a restraining order against the man, even though she claimed police officers and the magistrate at Georgetown have openly expressed disgust at the man’s actions.

In addition to this, she also said that people in the community (as well as her own family members) are afraid to intervene in the situation, as in the past he has tried to attack or harass persons who have stood up to him.

Quashie-John, a devout Christian, said that she has stopped going to night service because she doesn’t want the man to ambush her at night; and she said her sleep pattern has been disturbed because she sleeps in the day, so that she can stay up at night to remain vigilant – in case the man tries to break in again.

Although the man is currently in prison awaiting a September 21 case for allegedly setting fire to her shed, the mother of two said she still does not feel safe, because she was told that his bail was reduced from $11,000 to $5,000. She said that according to what she has heard from persons within the community, his family can now afford to bail him, and he may be released soon.

“I don’t have no enemies, I try to call out to this man in the morning [in the past] just to get peace and he’s still the same!” (AS)