August 21, 2015
Bishop’s College records overall pass rate of 80.4 per cent

For the first time in years, the Bishop’s College has received an overall pass rate of over 80 per cent in the CSEC examinations.

Principal of the school Cecelia Akers-King told SEARCHLIGHT that the school’s 80.4 per cent pass rate is a 17 per cent improvement over what obtained last year.{{more}}

Akers King said the school had set a benchmark of 80 per cent for this year and they are elated that they surpassed it. She said only once previously, many years ago, did the school see such a high pass rate and this year’s result is a very important achievement for them.

She also shared that for many years the school had struggled with Mathematics and this year, they were pleased to achieve a 60 per cent pass rate, with their head boy Ranford Porter returning a grade one pass.

“The quality for the persons who have passed were pretty good, which is just a reflection of what took place during the term,” Akers stated.

Vice-prinicpal Reverend Canon O Samuel Nichols told SEARCHLIGHT that the school has developed a system of supervised assistance of the students to prepare them to take the CSEC examination.

“Between eight to 10 children maybe assigned to a particular teacher and it is his or her task to assist them with their SBAs and any other aspect of preparation for CSEC.”

Reverend Nichols explained that two of the top five students, Ranford Porter and Kadeem DaSilva, have always performed creditably, with Porter being appointed head boy.

English teacher Janique Richards told SEARCHLIGHT she did not expect anything but the best from the students.

“I expected them to get the results, especially the head boy and the head girl, because coming up from form one they were always outstanding and competitive with one another.”

Head boy and top performer Ranford Porter returned three grade ones, four grade twos and three grade threes.

“I would like to become an architectural engineer, because I like to see beautiful houses and designs and the money kinda nice too,” Porter said.

Head girl and top female performer Larissa Hoyte boasted about being the first head girl at the school from Sandy Bay and also the first student to write CSEC English in form four and gain a pass.

Other top performers were Kadron Simmons, Kadeem DaSilva, Casanna Francis and Roleen Baptiste. (CM)