August 14, 2015
SVG records highest pass rate for CAPE since 2008

St Vincent and the Grenadines has this year recorded its highest pass rate for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) since 2008.

The results were released to students earlier this week and a release from the Ministry of Education indicated that passing grades (I to V) were obtained in 1,411 subject sittings, which represents an overall pass rate of 89.42 per cent.{{more}}

This year’s result is an improvement on the 2014 pass rate of 87.71 per cent and is the highest since 2008 when the pass rate was 90.88 per cent.

“This year’s results show that the high pass rates have been maintained in most subjects taken. Other Advanced Proficiency Subjects were taken at the Cambridge International Examinations. These are reported on separately,” the release noted.

According to the release, there were 536 candidate entries for this year’s CAPE examinations. Of these, 469 were from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), while 67 were private candidates. The release also stated that students from the SVGCC sat 1,578 examinations in 21 different subject areas.

For 2015, the subjects that recorded 100 per cent pass rates are Caribbean Studies Unit 1, Computer Science Unit 2, Digital Media Units 1 and 2, Environmental Science Unit 2, French Units 1 and 2, Management of Business Unit 2 and Spanish Unit 2.

Digital Media Units 1 and 2 and Physical Education and Sport Unit 1 were subjects offered to CAPE students for the first time.