August 14, 2015
LIME customers elated about winning Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

LIME customers continue to scream and shout for joy after being told that they have won top-of-the-line handsets, by just sending a text message.

Businesswoman Sandra Jack, still elated about winning a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, said that she could not contain herself when she received the call telling her she was a winner.{{more}} The Brighton resident said she is a long-standing customer and that the new smart phone comes at the perfect time for her.

“I can’t thank LIME enough. When I heard Nikala on the radio, I started texting, because I really wanted to win,” Jack said.

“I started out with LIME on a Blackberry and then I moved up to an iphone, which I had for the past four years, and the battery was going, so I definitely needed an upgrade.”

Jack said that she is still getting used to her “latest toy,” which she could not have afforded if she had to get it on her own.

She said that her years with LIME have paid off and that she has no problem sticking with the number one telecommunications provider, with whom she is well pleased.

“I am encouraging others to text and they will stand a chance of winning. If I could win, anyone can win. I can’t stop smiling,” Jack said.

Also winning in the week was Arnos Vale resident Dacara Telesford, who won herself a brand new Samsung Galaxy ACE 4.

Telesford, another long-time LIME customer said “I was shocked when I heard that I won, because I didn’t expect to win. I am grateful to have won,” she pointed out.

Telesford admitted that she doesn’t normally enter competitions, but couldn’t help sending a few texts, because “the promotion sounded good.”

Other customers can take advantage of this opportunity by texting #SUMA to 6263 for their opportunity to win.

Customers can also win free grocery vouchers when they top up $20 or more at LIME locations, and receive free backpacks, when they purchase smart phones.