Summer Programme  commences with outstanding production of ‘The Lion King’
August 7, 2015
Summer Programme commences with outstanding production of ‘The Lion King’

After three weeks of a creative summer camp in which participants created their own costumes and backdrop, ‘The Lion King’ hit the stage at Windsor Primary School on Friday, July 31.

Starring Thalia DeShong as ‘Simba’, Lila Banfield as ‘Mufasa’, Christian Geowarsingh as ‘Scar’ and Shari Blake and Tai Mitchell as the hilarious duo ‘Timon and Pumba’, the production was a huge success.{{more}}

All 15 of the programme participants worked throughout the three weeks to memorize their lines and develop their character. In addition to their performing arts work, the participants completed many visual art pieces and a journal in which they wrote reflections and creative writings.

“It was amazing to see a group of youth, all under age 12, cooperate and work together to make the final presentation a cohesive story, complete with singing and dancing. It’s not an experience they are likely to soon forget. I believe the audience members feel the same,” remarked one of the programme organizers, Chad Grant.

The programme organizers, Chad and Jasmine Grant, Gail-Ann Williams and Sarah Smith, are especially thankful to Windsor Primary School, parents and participants who helped make the inaugural production a success. Next summer, the programme will hold another performing arts camp and hope that even more of SVG’s youth will come to share their gifts and explore their talents.