July 24, 2015
KCCU offers financial assistance to students

The Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union (KCCU) earlier this week presented 66 students with scholarship awards, bursaries and tokens.

Lucille Browne, representative of the credit union’s education committee, said KCCU’s desire is “to return greater value and provide financial assistance to students pursuing higher education.”{{more}}

Browne said the credit union awards four scholarships annually, two based on academic performance and two on socio-economic status. Additionally, bursaries are awarded to two students, while recognition is given to other students who were successful in the CPEA examinations.

Bernadette Greaves, senior education officer for examination and assessment at the Ministry of Education, also made remarks at the ceremony. She applauded the KCCU for their work with students in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I am encouraged to see organizations like KCCU sharing the vision of the Ministry of Education, by providing opportunities for our children, for them to develop and to reach their fullest potential.”

She also advised the children to be mindful of the rough economic times we are living in.

Harvey Farrell, the credit union’s vice-president, in his address said that if the ceremony were the OSCAR awards, he would have nominated all of the children for their hard work.

He advised the students to open a junior saver’s account.“We want you to know, that from this very tender age, you really should start looking after your money. So, let this also be part of you striving for excellence.”

Featured speaker, Akili Robertson, was described as a “one who responds to disappointment and failure, not by giving up, but determination to learn from the situation.”

In her speech, Akili advised the recipients to follow their dreams and make their own fun-filled memories in their new school years to come.

“You must try to excel in everything you do, strive for excellence in every task, large or small. Although it may not be easy to see, every accomplishment you achieve is added to the world’s accomplishments.”

She informed them that “when you succeed, you are in the position to give, rather than take. Imagine if every individual lined up to his or her own potential. Think about how amazing that is and how much better off the world would be. If you continue on this path, you have a chance of making some amazing contribution to your society.”

Sixty students were awarded tokens valued at $150. $100 was given cash and the $50 was used to start a savings account at KCCU. Academic scholarships were given to Donte Travis Kedal (Jr) Sam and O-Dya Daina Glasgow, while the socio-economic scholarships were given to Tykel Eldren Pierre and Tshemiah A S Yearwood. Bursaries were given to Phillip A John (academic) and Julicia Shirlon Matthews (socio-economic).(AL)