June 12, 2015
Application for scholarships from overseas friends of Sion Hill commences

The Sion Hill Overseas Based, Residents and Friends Secondary Scholarship Organization is now accepting applications for their secondary school scholarships.

Application forms will be available from today, Friday, June 12 and applications are open to all students who have sat the 2015 CPEA and have passed.{{more}}

A release from the organization said applicants must be born and living in Sion Hill or surrounding areas (Roseau, Mallah, Walvaroo, Village); must be living in Sion Hill for more than five years; must have passed the exit exam and must be in a position of need.

Applicants for the scholarship must submit an essay (written by the child) about him or her self and why the child should be given a scholarship.

Application forms should be accompanied by a copy of the child’s results slip from the Ministry of Education.

Application forms may be collected at the supermarket in Sion Hill, or from Angella Ideisha Jackson (528-8413).