NDP candidate outlines plans to be implemented if elected
June 9, 2015
NDP candidate outlines plans to be implemented if elected

If given the chance, New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for Marriaqua Curtis Bowman will make significant improvements to various sectors of that constituency.

Bowman committed himself to this task on Saturday and outlined a set of plans and programmes that he will implement in the constituency, once the NDP is successful in the upcoming general elections.{{more}}

According to the NDP candidate, there has been a decline of many sectors in the constituency and current area representative Girlyn Miguel and the Unity Labour Party (ULP) have thrown Marriaqua into economic exile.

“Agriculture declined. Manufacturing declined, the construction industry declined; tourism declined; and the ULP are not addressing these issues. We, in the New Democratic Party, we will be addressing those issues when you, the people, vote for us in the next general elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Bowman said, as he addressed a public meeting of his party at Richland Park.

Bowman, a pharmacist by profession, said under a NDP administration, the agriculture sector would be revived. He highlighted the political party’s intention to resuscitate the banana industry in their first year, if they are voted into power.

He also noted that Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace has committed to providing income support for farmers, while the bananas are being replanted.

“The farmers in this country, they are crying out every day. As I move around the constituency, the farmers are crying out. They can’t send their children to school, they can’t pay their bills, they can’t buy food for their children and under the NDP, they could have done all these things,” he said.

Programmes will also be implemented in which farmers will have an easier time selling their produce in the markets.

In his presentation on Saturday, Bowman declared that the roads in the Marriaqua constituency are at their worst state ever.

“A number of people complain that they don’t like to come to Richland Park. They will reach where we call Dry River…because the road is very bad up there,” he said.

“Under the representation of Curtis Bowman, we will not only patch roads at election time. We will ensure that all the roads in the constituency are properly maintained on a regular basis.”

With respect to health, Bowman assured that under a NDP government, health facilities in the constituency will function efficiently and have adequate staff and medications necessary for patients.

Close attention will also be paid to education and sports, specifically within areas in Marriaqua constituency.

“My brothers and sisters, we, the people of Marriaqua, deserve better. It is time for us to vote for positive change. It is time for us to move away from the Unity Labour Party and usher in the New Democratic Party. And my brothers and sisters, the only way we can have change in this country and in this constituency is to have Curtis Bowman, your representative of Marriaqua and Honourable Arnhim Ulric Eustace as the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Bowman declared.

This is the second time Bowman face the polls on an NDP ticket. In 2010, he lost to the ULP’s Girlyn Miguel. This time, he is coming up against newcomer St Clair “Jimmy” Prince, who will contest the seat for the ULP.(BK)