SVG’s ‘best ganja farmer’ laid to rest
June 2, 2015
SVG’s ‘best ganja farmer’ laid to rest

by Don De Riggs

Sunday, May 31 was a day of mixed emotions for those who came from far and wide to pay their last respects to a fallen soldier, Carlos Michael Hooper, or “Ras Carlos,” as he was known to his family and many friends.

The aroma of all types of ganja was in the air where {{more}}pockets of brethren were gathered on the periphery of the Petit Bordel playing field, where the public funeral service was held to pay last respects to a respected ‘brethren’ from the Rastafari community.

Hundreds of mourners from Union Island, Fancy, the United Kingdom, and from neighbouring Caribbean territories, including local businessmen, came to pay their final respects to a man who earned himself the title as the ‘best ganja farmer in SVG,’ in terms of the quality of herb produced by ‘Ras Carlos.’ Though still illegal, ganja has been and still continues to be the key element in the underground economy which, whether we like the facts or not, is what keeps many Vincentians from real poverty.

The coffin was first taken to his home in Petit Bordel, where the immediate members of his family paid an emotional tribute to a husband, father and friend. Following that activity, the body was taken to the Petit Bordel playing field where the formal burial service was held.

Before the funeral service was held, several family members and close friends gave tributes to a dear friend. Ras Carlos helped many a poor villager with their financial needs and also ran a community bakery, providing fresh bread for the Petit Bordel community.

One of the brethren present suggested that with the current global shift towards tolerance and legalization of marijuana, that once weed is legalized in SVG, it should bear the “Ras Carlos” brand in his memory. This was the general agreement of those present when the comment was made.

Ras Carlos was a deeply spiritual person and his wife and children followed his footsteps and his humble lifestyle. He was a firm believer in the Almighty, which accounted for his humble demeanour. He was always willing to share his love for the Almighty with his family and friends and would often engage in constructive conversation. His companionship will be missed by all who knew him.

Ras Carlos leaves behind seven sons (one adopted), two daughters and his wife Jacqueline.

Ras Carlos slipped while coming down the stairs at his home, hit his head and never fully recovered from that injury. He died on his way to the hospital while being taken there for treatment.