May 19, 2015
‘Big things’ in store for Fisherman’s Day 2015

by Jason Browne

The Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Fisherman’s Day in St Vincent and the Grenadines in a big way.

Senior fisheries officer Lorenzo George told SEARCHLIGHT that this year, Fisherman’s Day will have a unique twist.{{more}}

“We wanted to make it big!” he declared.

The ‘Man versus Seafood’ activity, in which sea cockroach, sea egg and squid are eaten raw, has become a highlight of this year’s festivities, which are being organized with the help of the Barrouallie, Calliaqua and Goodwill Fisherfolk organizations.

Each organization planned a week of community activities, which culminated in fun nights that included domino competitions, soccer matches and the much touted ‘Man versus Seafood’ competition.

This year, the Fisheries Division has embarked on 40 days of celebration, culminating on Fisherman’s Day on Monday, May 25.

Competitions began on April 20 and continued every Monday, with catches being counted for a final tally towards the “Fisherman of the Year” award.

Commemorations are not limited to competitions, as training seminars were held on safety at sea, VHF radio usage, basic engine troubleshooting and maritime preparedness.

May saw festivities head to Barrouallie, for the fish night and a soccer match between Calfico Snappers and winners NFO Dolphins. ‘Man vs Seafood’ made another splash there and George expects more excitement to come at the next event, which will see the finals of the domino competition and another instalment of ‘Man vs Seafood’ in Rose Place, Kingstown, this Friday, May 22.

This year’s theme is “40 years of harvest, accept no less, Fish is best,” with the slogan: “Put a Fish on Your Dish.”