May 8, 2015
Vincy Mas 2015 launched in New York

by Maxwell Haywood

A strong line-up of nine Vincentian soca artistes performed at The Official Launch of Vincy Mas and the New Song Competition 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. The show, organized by Level Vibes Promotions, which is led by Ainsley Primus, was held on Saturday May 2 at the Sugar Mill Night Club.{{more}}

The event, which marked the eighth year of the Launch of Vincy Mas in the USA, did not disappoint fans who turned out to get an early taste of Vincy Mas 2015. Three of the nine performers won the approval of the judges Cyril “Scorcher” Thomas, Garfield Palmer, and Edison “Lively” Mac Dowall. Dennis Bowman, who put up a strong defence of his title, lost the championship “Soca Devil” Trophy. First place went to David “Chang I” Morgan with his song “Ah feeling good”; second place went to Tyronne “Fabulous T” Pierre; and third place went to Nickeisha “Nickie D Diva” Pierre, with her song “Wey Yo Want”.

These three winners faced outstanding competition from six other Vincentian soca artistes. The list included: Samuel “Stamina Smurf” Thomas with “Soca Rise”; Mervin “Bobb M.C.” Bobb with “Comrade”; Kenroy “Jakie” Jack with “Everybody Waiting”; John “The Truth” Dougan with “One for the Road”; Francis “Stryker” Brown with “Fish Lover”; and Denis Bowman with “She Done Know”.

The 2015 winner of the Best Song Competition David “Chang I” Morgan beamed with delight as he embraced the championship trophy on stage. He told the SEARCHLIGHT that he is “feeling good about this victory. And the name of my song tells how I am feeling, which is good. After travelling so far from Canada to compete in this show, the fans gave me a very good reception and made me feel at home in New York. Of course this helped me a lot to win the Soca Devil Trophy.”

He added that: “I now look forward to the National Calypso Monarch competition. I am confident that with my other strong calypso song, I will get into the finals this year. My other song is a message about mothers.”

In 2013, David “Chang I” Morgan started performing in the New Song Competition for the launch of Vincy Mas in the USA. In that year, he won second place, and came back in 2014 and maintained that second position. This year he broke the ceiling of his second place trend by winning the first place spot.

The mastermind behind the Official Launch of Vincy Mas in the USA, Ainsley Primus, ably supported by Marissa “Lady M” Gregg, Super Eyes, and Patrick James were all pleased with the event. More excitement was added to the show by MCs Bennett Straker and Hailes Castillo, along with the guest performers – Problem Child, and Wiseman, while DJs Super Eyes and EZ Sounds provided musical accompaniment. A message, by Minister of Culture Hon. Cecil McKie, was read by Marla Miller, representative of SVG’s Consulate-General office in New York.

Fans in New York are now awaiting the launch of the Dynamites Calypso Tent on Saturday May 16, 2015, and the National Calypso Monarch Preliminary judging night of the Dynamite Calypso Tent on Saturday May 29, 2015 at Café Omar in Brooklyn.