April 30, 2015
Earth Day celebrations a major success – RVA

Organizers of this year’s Earth Day celebrations at the Richmond Vale Academy say that the event was a major success, and that they are already making plans for 2016.

Selwyn “Selly” Patterson, spokesperson for the RVA, told SEARCHLIGHT that the hundreds of persons who converged on the compound in this county’s North Leeward area was the most to gather, so far, for their observation of Earth Day.{{more}}

Though the day is officially celebrated on April 22, the academy observed the occasion three days later, with resounding success.

“We choose to observe it today so that we could have more people participating,” Patterson noted.

“This is the most people we have had here in our second year of Earth Day observations, and in the eight years since they are here. Today was definitely a success, and we are going to do it bigger next year.”

Patterson pointed out that the event saw participants from organizations and schools from as far as Owia to Fitz-Hughes, as well as members of the OECS RRACC project.

Those attending were treated to video presentations, as well as an exhibition of locally and naturally produced goods, including herbal teas, soaps, honey, coconut oil and moringa.

Patterson indicated that following the Earth Day celebrations, the Academy will be embarking on a number of projects in the not too distant future, including partnering with the Ministry of Health to develop a herbal terrace.

“We are having the one month compliance conference. It is for Vincentians and it is for free, so we are inviting interested persons to contact us.

“Last year we won the “Treelympics.” We were the only Caribbean country to place in any category and win a gold medal.

“And we are going to do it again, we will be planting fruit and forestry trees along with the moringa,” Patterson said.