I was having several affairs with several women – Bing Joseph
April 14, 2015
I was having several affairs with several women – Bing Joseph

The first airing of Boom 106.9 FM’s morning programme, started with a bang when its host openly admitted to indulging in extramarital affairs throughout his 10-year marriage.

Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph, who not only hosts #OMG In Da Morning, but also co-owns the new radio station, went into detail about being confronted by his wife — on air yesterday morning — with co-hosts Danielle Veira and Stephen Joachim questioning him throughout.{{more}}

“I know people like these kinda soap opera drama… I was caught doing… what West Indian men do — I was having affairs… several affairs with several women,” he admitted.

Joseph said that he chose to “purge” himself of this sin so that no-one could later throw it in his face if they came on the show or called in to the radio station.

“If they do, I’ll just say yes, thanks very much; we already dealt with that!”

Referring to his marriage as a “life sentence”, Joseph said that one morning his wife, Lousie Mitchell-Joseph, confronted him about his philandering ways — saying that she had had enough.

According to Joseph, his wife presented him with audio recordings of several women confessing to having had sexual relationships with him.

“I don’t know what she did, how she got people to confess… Who does that really?” he pondered.

Joking about his wife’s investigative skills, he added: “There are a lot of unsolved murders in St Vincent. Y’all need to get Louise on these cases!”

On a more serious note, Joseph warned his listeners to be wary of who they turn to when their marriages or relationships with the opposite sex hit a rough patch.

“There are some crabs out there who call themselves friends or family… whatever you do, if you’re having any marital problems… don’t call them!”

When co-host Stephen Joachim pressed Joseph on whether he was blaming others for him getting caught, he [Joseph] denied this; instead insisting that he is trying to turn his life around with the help of the Kingstown Baptist Church.

Expressing gratitude to the friend who invited him to a church service, Joseph said: “I love that church. I love that ‘feel good’ that I get when I walk out of the church!”

He explained that his life is much more settled now, but declined to give a straight answer when one of his co-hosts asked with whom he has settled down.

Instead, Joseph said that he has learnt a lot from this experience, and it has made him love and appreciate his children (especially his daughter) even more than before.

He also admitted to having suffered a stroke, not a nervous breakdown, some time after being fired from Hot 97 SVG a decade ago, but insisted that he harbours no ill feelings towards his ex-boss, Luke Boyea.

“Luke and I still talk!”(JSV)