April 14, 2015
Brewery to hold reveal party for Guinness new look this weekend

Guinness – Made of More, brewed locally by the St Vincent Brewery Limited is having a ‘golden standard’ reveal party, where they will be launching the change of the look of Guinness.

Commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Limited Shafia London-Williams said that the reveal party will be held on April 18 at the Cruise Ship and Ferry Terminal and will feature dancehall sensation ‘Gully Bop’ from Jamaica.{{more}}

The event is designed for Guinness fans, “so they can experience the golden journey,” said London-Williams, who revealed that 1759 tickets are available to the public free of charge.

“You must have a golden ticket to enter the show. The tickets are not for sale and won’t be for sale,” said London-Williams.

She added that the new Guinness look will be unveiled at the event.

The new Guinness look is described as having more style, more soul and more substance, while the Guinness beverage maintains the same great taste.