Glen resident wins $70,000 lotto jackpot
April 10, 2015
Glen resident wins $70,000 lotto jackpot

Milton Findlay is now $70,000 richer!

Findlay, a resident of Glen and an employee of Star Garage, won the National Lottery Jackpot draw, which took place on March 27.

The winning numbers were: 4, 9, 13, 30 and 31.{{more}}

His ticket was bought at Cadet Ticket booth, at Little Tokyo.

Findlay, who won on numbers that he has been playing for the past three years, told the media that he bought a quick pick ticket three years ago and has been playing those numbers since and felt elated when he found out that he had won.

“It is a wonderful thing to win the national lottery jackpot. I am really delighted and I will continue to play to support sports and culture as long I have strength,” Findlay said.

Findlay, who said he has been playing National Lottery games for the past 21 years, says he intends to spend some of the money wisely, make some investments and save.

He noted that it was the second time he has won something from the NLA, noting that he matched four numbers back in 1994.

Product development officer of the National Lotteries Authority Anthony Dennie presented Findlay with the cheque.(KW)