March 20, 2015
SVG gains direct access to Amazon Kindle

It is now easier for writers, poets, novelists, educators, professionals, historians, pastors and aspiring authors to become international published authors.

Stories, poems, sermons, textbooks, national historic books, niche-field books, devotionals, commentaries, and other materials can now be made available and accessible to the world, not only via Amazon Kindle,{{more}} but via other popular worldwide bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Smashwords.

On May 13, 2014, WORDThrone eWorks was registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines as a publishing enterprise. Founder of WORDThrone, Curtis WA Williams said today, more eBooks are being sold and read than printed books; their production costs being attractively competitive, and their delivery being all too easy. Though there is much involved in grafting a book, especially one that meets international standards, it is not just possible for us now, but will soon be made available to all, as this year, 2015, is allocated to pilot this opportunistic programme. Audio books and printed books will be strategically added at the most opportune time.

He said when he founded WORDThrone, he had as his focus and aim: to begin writing professionally, and to encourage others to do likewise; to remove the dilemma of a system of printed books that lie waste in boxes at home, hoping that friends and family and colleagues will support financially, and to provide an alternate inexpensive and affordable opportunity for writers to have their works reach in the eyes of persons on every continent of the planet.

“Here stands an opportunity for students, educators, clergy, ministers, poets, script and screen writers, dreamers, and darers; for anyone, to share, to earn, to embark upon a new and essential aspect of life that extends far beyond SVG’s shores, and delivers our hearts, thoughts, influence, essence, culture, and unique works to the world. So begin writing, continue writing, pool together works you’ve already written, type everything, save everything categorically and organized, and add author to your portfolio, as you stand to gain in so many more ways than you can now imagine,” a release from Williams said.

He may be contacted at [email protected] or by going to his website: