SJCK Young Leaders launch 2015 programme, confident they can win
February 27, 2015
SJCK Young Leaders launch 2015 programme, confident they can win

Following the launch of its 2015 programme, the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown (SJCK) Young Leaders are confident that they can win the coveted first place this year.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, February 24, the president of the group and two members explained what their theme is this year, and what activities they will be carrying out as part of the programme.{{more}}

“We are working hard, and we’re trying to make a change, so we are hoping that we will be successful!” said fourth form student Jessica Duncan.

Alizée George, SJCK Young Leaders president, said that the theme for this year’s project is ‘Make Your Choice – Internet or Intellect?’ and that it will focus on digital citizenship and “responsibly navigating technology.”

She said that among other activities, the group will be producing brochures, to be handed out to their fellow students at the SJCK, that will highlight the detrimental consequences of misusing the Internet and digital technology.

These issues include: sexting (sex texting), plagiarism, cyber-bullying, and cyber-stalking, among others. The brochures will focus on the causes, effects and solutions of said issues.

Shanelle Marksman explained: “It’s basically just to grasp the idea of what we are talking about – to get out there to other students – so they can understand… how they are supposed to work around it [digital technology], and do positive.”

The SJCK Young Leaders also have a presence on various social media platforms, as well as managing a Youtube channel (SJCK Young Leaders 2015), where they upload weekly videos of content they have created about the aforementioned issues.

They will also be visiting some of the primary schools in Kingstown to share their message about Internet and digital technology usage; as well as having an exhibition, an awareness walk to Layou, and a ‘march past’ in the vicinity of the school.

Additionally, they will be soliciting the help of the business community, in an effort to get their message out to the wider community.

“For young people, the Internet can determine what they are doing today from tomorrow… it helps them with their daily life, but it’s not always in a positive way,” said Shanelle.

At the SJCK Young Leaders’ launch, which took place on Friday, February 20, the guest speaker was Minister of Foreign Affairs Camillo Gonsalves. He spoke of the dangers of misusing the Internet and digital technology, but also highlighted the positive way they can be used in terms of communication and supplementing what they have learnt in school.(JSV)