Venezuelan Embassy hosts exhibition to commemorate  Bolivarian Revolution
February 10, 2015
Venezuelan Embassy hosts exhibition to commemorate Bolivarian Revolution

To commemorate the 16th anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution that brought former president Hugo Chavez to power, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela recently launched a photographic exhibition, showcasing Chavez’s legacy of social inclusion.

On Friday, {{more}}February 6, the exhibition – themed “The Missions: A Legacy Of Chavez” – opened to a full house at the Embassy headquarters in Richmond Hill.

Charge d’Affaires Daliana Guanipa, in welcome remarks, said that the exhibition represents “a timeless moment in the contemporary history of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

“We commemorate an unforgettable day,” she asserted.

The exhibition showcased 29 social missions that have been launched throughout Venezuela between 2003 and 2014, spearheaded by Chavez and his government.

The missions tackle social issues relating to education, health care, sports, culture, animal welfare, care of the elderly, child welfare and agriculture, among others.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Guanipa said that this initiative will also be looking at expanding its work in Cuba and thoughout the Eastern Caribbean at some point in the future, with the intent of developing the “future of not only our nation [Venezuela], but also the region.”

Describing Chavez as a “revolutionary,” Guanipa spoke of the late president’s rise to power in 1999, and the ways in which his leadership benefited the country, even beyond his death on March 5, 2013.

The Charge d’Affaires said that Chavez’s struggle was one for equality and inclusion, and that the 29 social missions that were established are a shining example of “one of the most important social legacies” that the former president left for his people.

Guanipa also added that the revolutionary policies of Chavez and his government are necessary to “end poverty and build a society of free and equal citizens.”

Also in attendance at the launch were Cuban Ambassador Luis Castillo Campos, Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil McKie, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Camillo Gonsalves.