February 6, 2015
Majority of Vincentians belong to Pentecostal faith – 2012 Census

According to the 2012 Census, most Vincentians belong to the Pentecostal faith – followed by the Anglican, Seventh-Day Adventist and Spiritual Baptist.

Data gathered shows that 30,108 persons are Pentecostal, 15,175 persons are Anglican, 12,710 persons are Seventh-Day Adventist, and 9,675 persons are Spiritual Baptist.{{more}}

In comparison with the 2001 Census, the Pentecostal religion has seen the biggest increase in membership — going from 17.61 per cent of the population to 27.57 per cent. Anglicans have gone from 17.75 per cent to 13.9 per cent; Seventh-Day Adventists have gone from 10.22 per cent to 11.64 per cent; and Spiritual Baptists have gone from 9.9 per cent to 8.9 per cent.

Other religions that have recorded increases in membership are Evangelical (4,118), Presbyterian (294), and Jehovah’s Witness (909).

The figures further show that there are 9,458 Metho­dists, 6,877 Roman Catholics, 286 Salvation Army members, 16 Baha’i members, 89 Hin­dus, 207 Mormons, 111 Mus­lims, and 1,181 Rastafarians.

Seventy-four persons considered themselves traditional, 8,147 persons were of no religion, 4,657 persons are of other denominations, and 5,096 persons did not state their religious persuasion.(JSV)