CLSS launches 2015 Young Leaders project
February 3, 2015
CLSS launches 2015 Young Leaders project

The Central Leeward Secondary School Young Leaders launched their project in fine style and great fanfare on January 19, 2015. This launch took the form of a march from the Barrouallie Government School to the Central Leeward Secondary School, located at Peter’s Hope, where it culminated {{more}}in a rally.

During this march, the entire school population held placards to the public, displaying messages about technology, social media and generally how to use it wisely. This year’s RBC Young Leader’s competition is being held under the theme “Digital Citizenship – Responsibly Navigating Technology.”

However, the Central Leeward Secondary School Young Leader’s project is being governed by the sub-theme and slogan “Sailing through the ocean of technology, using the paddles of education and responsibility.” The president of this group is Javel Turtin and the coordinating teachers are Vakeesha John and Sherricea Burgin. The group comprises 25 young leaders.

At the rally, the young leaders briefly enlightened the students and teachers about technology, computer crimes and ways in which persons can be responsible users online. Following this brief synopsis, three young leaders offered up three separate prayers. The first prayer was one of thanksgiving, to show how grateful we are to have come such a long way technologically. The second was a prayer of intercession, to pray for those persons who have been affected by the misuse of the Internet and cell phones. The final one was another prayer of intercession, but instead, praying for those who actually bring about such harm, hoping that they’ll stop.

This was followed by an entertaining presentation by Young Leader Akeela Leacock as to why it is important to be a young leader and the benefits that one can reap, such as self-respect, being a great team player and becoming very responsible.

“We then heard from another Young Leader Jamie Richards, who spoke about technology: what exactly is technology, how it can be useful; ways in which it can hinder our lives; the main computer crimes and how we can be responsible users of technology. She also stated that students are not the only ones who are distracted by their technological devices, but also teachers. Following that speech, Young Leader Khadijah Gordon explained what the project is about and our upcoming events.

“As a part of our outreach project, this Young Leaders group will post weekly articles in the newspapers under the heading ‘Technology Wise’. This venture was already started on January 16, 2015 and will run for four months. Also, on February 28, 2015, this group will host a “Drama Night” that will begin at 7:30 p.m. Adults will pay $15 and children and young people will be asked to pay $10, as an entrance fee. The venue is yet to be finalized. On this night, the public will be invited to experience drama at its best, singing and dancing: all activities will revolve around the theme of encouraging technological responsibility.

This group will also host a lecture on March 25, 2015, where males and females, young and old, will all have a chance to be educated in detail on the main computer crimes, how they affect persons and what can be done to prevent such actions. The group will keep the public informed as it relates to the venue of this event. However, it is certain that this will take place in the Central Leeward constituency. This event will be free of cost and there will be refreshments available.

According to Paul J Meyer, “Communication – the Human Connection – is the Key to Personal and Career Success.” Therefore, on the 2nd and 4th of April, the Central Leeward Secondary School Young Leaders will be taking advantage of the moonlight and will interact with the public from 5 p.m. On the first night, they will walk from Peter’s Hope to Barrouallie and on the second night, they will walk from Layou to Pembroke. On this course, questionnaires will be given out and one-on-one interviews will be conducted with random members of the public.

The information received from these questionnaires and interviews will then be used to play “Family Feud” at the school with students from each form. This will keep them involved in the process and will ensure that they too understand the misuse of the Internet and why it is important to stop. This game was chosen to measure the quickness in response to show the public that even the kids know what is taking place and that if we are not careful, they will follow and use technology in the same, irresponsible manner.

Finally, on April 24, 2015, the group will carry out a “whistle stop,” where the students will travel from Barrouallie to Kingstown with the aid of a loudspeaker, spreading the final word on this project. Brochures and other paraphernalia will also be given out.

The funds raised throughout this project will be used to sponsor six months free Internet to five needy students from the Central Leeward Secondary School, from September 2015 to February 2016. One student will be selected per form. To sum up, we will also be embarking on a final project, where the remaining monies will be used to convert our blackboards into whiteboards, permitting the usage of projectors in the classrooms, integrating technology. Fund-raisers will include food and bake sales. We are also asking the public to kindly support our efforts in trying to educate our school, communities and the public at large on how to be good digital citizens, responsibly navigating technology. If there is anyone who would like to offer sponsorship to this group, please feel free to call (784) 458-7620 or email us at