January 13, 2015
Garifuna Heritage Foundation extends condolences to Fancy community

It is with a heavy heart that the members and the Board of Directors of the Garifuna Heritage Foundation received the news of the tragic accident which occurred at Rock Gutter today, January 12, 2015, involving loss of life of several young people from the village of Fancy.{{more}}

We are aware of the grief and sorrow which our brothers and sisters in Fancy are now experiencing and we share with them our sincerest condolences at this terrible time. The Garifuna brothers and sisters of Fancy have worked shoulder to shoulder with us over the years in promoting the cause of cultural and economic development of the community based on the spirit of solidarity which was manifested historically by our ancestors.  The Community of Fancy has displayed a strong spirit of resilience which is reflected in the work of the Fancy Cooperative and other Community organizations.

We share your grief, we share your pain and we wish you to continue to be strong.  We know that God is with you and all your families now and in the future as you endure this terrible tragedy.

In Deepest Sympathy and Solidarity

The Board and Membership of the Garifuna Heritage Foundation.