Vermont woman attacked and burnt to death
January 6, 2015
Vermont woman attacked and burnt to death

Sandra Browne (see photo on Back Page), a 46-year-old mentally unsound woman, whom Vermont villagers say was repeatedly sexually molested over the years, has met her death at the hands of a cutlass wielding arsonist.

At around 1 a.m. Friday, January 2, Browne became this country’s first homicide victim{{more}} for 2015. Villagers say that police responded to a house fire in Vermont and when the blaze subsided, they discovered the charred remains of the woman.

A police report said Browne also had chop wounds about her body.

Another occupant of the house, the woman’s 74-year-old companion Vulton Grant, was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) and is currently housed at the Male Surgical Ward, where he is being treated for burns on his hands and other parts of his body.

On Monday, Grant, who also appears to be mentally challenged, said that on the fateful night, a male assailant came into his home and asked for Sandra.

He said that the man commented that he wanted ‘wife’ and he told him to go elsewhere, at which time he was attacked.

“I told Sandra to run, but she could not get away,” said Grant.

The residence and its contents were destroyed by fire.

Police are investigating.