16 complete RRL one-week amateur radio licence course
November 25, 2014
16 complete RRL one-week amateur radio licence course

Tue, Nov 25, 2014

The Rainbow Radio League Inc (RRL) has announced the successful completion by 16 persons of a one-week course which earned them a Novice class amateur radio licence.{{more}}

This class licence allows these persons to communicate with fellow radio amateurs locally and around the world, free of cost (of course you will need to purchase the equipment to enable that), but more importantly, Ham radio is an important service, especially in the aftermath of any disruptive event that renders the regular phone service inoperable.

The course covered radio frequency spectrum management for radio amateurs, the international phonetic alphabet, antenna theory and construction, as well as radio terms and etiquette. Also included in the course was a mini simulation, preceded by an emergency message handling exercise.

The RRL is also pleased to announce that Julanie Jack, who works with Police Telecoms Unit was the only student to gain full marks in the multiple choice test administered by the NTRC, represented by Mishka Quashie; all other students achieved the 80 per cent pass mark required for this exam.

The RRL wishes to thank the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG), SVG Port Authority, and our good friends the NTRC for sponsoring the refreshment for participants; the Ministry of Education for permission to use the Kingstown Government school as a back-up venue, and long-standing friends at NEMO for use of their conference facilities.

According to coordinator of the course Donald De Riggs, it was important to conduct the course at NEMO, so that students could familiarize themselves with the communications aspect of NEMO’s operations, as NEMO has a communications room with both HF and VHF radios. All students were given a tour of the communications room, as well as a demonstration by making contact with local and regional stations.

The RRL conducts Ham radio classes annually, but the demand for this training has grown and is growing, as more persons want to be involved in this important and enjoyable service/hobby. The RRL now conducts this course as our contribution to national development twice per year. The next course will be in February, 2015.

(Report submitted by: Donald De Riggs.)