Vincentian author stands tall in Toronto
November 18, 2014
Vincentian author stands tall in Toronto

by Audrey Kydd-Lewis Tue Nov 18, 2014

Vincentian Canadian Elma Gabriel-Mayers launched her first poetry book “Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny” at an event with a twist, at the BME Christ Church in Toronto on Friday, November 7, 2014.

Like the book, the atmosphere of that evening still{{more}} resonates in the minds of those who attended, confirmed by the ongoing talk in the community.

As the review stated, “The lyrical rhythm and profound gist in the book imbues a profound sense of connection between souls, that of the author and of the reader.” “By ‘Standing Tall in Echoes of Destiny’, readers will witness and experience Gabriel-Mayers’ compassion, honesty, integrity and respect for all people.”

Other authors in attendance remarked on the unique spirit of the event, saying that unlike other launches that are usually tailored around the author, this launching exhibited inclusiveness.

As author Gabriel-Mayers reiterated in her speech, “I could not have written this book without all of you; you are the propeller of the contents within this book, so I thank you, all of you, even unknowingly, for playing a great part in my life….

“I am especially delighted about the many youths in attendance here today, because as parents, our goal is to be mentors for our young people, our future.”

The launch included entertainment such as singing, dancing and comedy in which persons were given the opportunity of a few minutes on stage to comment on the Elma they know and admire.

Everyone supported the fact that Elma is a person who, even though one may not have been in communication with her for years, reconnecting with her was simply a pleasure, irrespective of the span of time. Her warmth and genuine smile beckons an open spirit. Others who knew her in her earlier years in St Vincent and the Grenadines remarked about the quiet and shy young lady they once knew, who today not only stood tall in her expressions within her book but through her love for people, her advocacy for social justice, honesty and freedom. Her compassion towards this cause is clearly depicted with her poems, the portrayal against the plight of the under-privileged.

At the end of the session, I was not surprised when author Elma Gabriel-Mayers informed us of her second book, “The Echoes of the Soul” to be released in the fall of 2015. Let us be proud as a people and support this aspiring and inspiring lady, as quoted in one of her poems “Importing fresh air straight from Vincy land.” A true patriot as I know her, a real lover of all people!