November 11, 2014
UWI Open Campus invites applications for new Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus has created a Master’s programme in Instructional Design and Technology to align with its current diploma programme in Instructional Design and Technology. The new programme will begin in January 2015, so interested persons are being encouraged to apply now online at{{more}}

According to the director of the Campus’s Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) Division (APAD), Dr Joel Warrican, “…this programme was developed on demand from our Caribbean teachers, educators and trainers in light of the new imperatives within our technology-driven educational landscape. Teachers and trainers in the 21st century need to continuously upgrade their skills and become proficient in the use of technology in the classroom in order to effectively facilitate the teaching/learning process both online and in face-to-face environments.”

The Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology is geared towards preparing educators, trainers, curriculum development professionals, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, human resource development professionals, among others. The programme will help them effectively utilize collaborative and interactive learning tools; design, facilitate and manage learning environments; conduct needs assessment for designing instruction; and create appropriate tools/resources that are applicable to specific learning environments, among other abilities.

The 45-credit programme with 11 core courses will be delivered fully online. It is specifically designed for persons who are engaged in the design, development, delivery, evaluation and management of educational and instructional programmes delivered or supported by a variety of instructional technologies. Some of these would include Internet-based instructional, video and teleconferencing tools, as well as other emerging technologies that have the potential to support instruction and learning.

The programme will be offered over 30 months. However, students will have the option of exiting upon successful completion of the first six courses, and will be eligible for the award of the postgraduate Diploma in Instructional Design.

An undergraduate degree (at least a Lower Second Class or its equivalent) from an approved tertiary institution is the basic requirement for entry. Holders of the postgraduate Diploma in Instructional Design may transition into the programme as per Board for Graduate Studies and Research Regulations.

Information about the tuition structure for UWI Open Campus graduate programmes may be viewed at the website Applications for the programme will be accepted online and interested persons are invited to complete an application form at

Applicants may also email:[email protected] for further information about applying to do this graduate programme.