Searchlight’s columnist completes new book ‘Situation Zane – Autism Who Knew’
October 10, 2014
Searchlight’s columnist completes new book ‘Situation Zane – Autism Who Knew’

Even though it took SEARCHLIGHT columnist Rosanne Small-Morgan only four months to complete her new book “Situation Zane – Autism Who Knew,” it was created over a 12-year time-span of experiences and overcoming challenges with her autistic son, Zane.{{more}}

More than just a coffee-table book, the book offers readers substantial information and insight into the Morgans’ lives in trying to cope with getting Zane the best possible services and care. The easy and very enjoyable read covers topics such as helping the siblings of an autistic child to not feel overshadowed, issues affecting spouses and partners in an autistic household, as well as Rosie’s personal tips and suggestions to combat some of the negative behaviours in the home.

Regarding the book’s unique title, she said, “Whenever I blogged about Zane I would start it off with the title: Situation Zane and end it with #autismwhoknew? Additionally, the creative trouble he would get into would always feel like a ‘Situation’.”

With Situation Zane, Rosie aspires to provide a fun, yet poignant publication, which would appeal to many people from different walks of life (not just the autistic community). As a native of the Caribbean, she offers a true source of support for parents of autistic children in the Caribbean Region and diaspora, as she approaches the issue of dealing with autism from her vantage point of being in a Caribbean-American family.

Rosie, who is already in demand as a speaker on autism, will soon work directly in those specific communities to create change for autism services and screenings for early intervention for young children age three and under. In addition to building awareness, understanding and guidance re: autism, her goals with Situation Zane are to dispel some of the myths about the disorder and replace the shame and stigma with support and coping mechanisms for affected families.

“More than just picking up a copy, I would love the public to assist me in initiating this conversation and sharing the book with those families who may be suffering in silence.

I encourage readers to simply embrace and enjoy a small snapshot of our world and how we choose to handle our daily challenges.”

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