September 9, 2014

Government to up two more schools to emergency shelters

The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has signed a contract with TVA Consultants Ltd of Kingstown for the design and supervision of works to upgrade the Dorsetshire Hill and Kingstown Government Schools into emergency shelters.{{more}}

The contract, worth some EC$0.335 million, is funded by the World Bank, under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (RDVRP) and was entered into on September 4, 2014,.

The proposed works are part of government’s priority investments to reduce the country’s physical and economic vulnerability to adverse natural events through building resilience to current and future climatic changes, a release from the Agency for Public Information said.

The consultants will, in the first phase, prepare upgrade designs of the existing buildings to meet and/or exceed the emergency standards of the National Emergency Management Organisation. They will also ensure that the proposed sites would be functionally accessible in times of an emergency. In the second phase, the consultants will support the supervision of the construction of the shelters.

The EC$165.4 million RDVRP is supporting SVG’s efforts to prevent and adapt to the effects of climate change, strengthen hazard and risk evaluation, and improve decision making.