August 22, 2014
Elite Steel Orchestra summer programme climaxes

After participating in the Elite Steel Orchestra summer programme, students are poised to contribute meaningfully to the culture and heritage of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Parents and well-wishers gathered at the CW Prescod Primary School on August 15, to witness the participants display their musical prowess on the steel pan.

“It has been my profound and extreme pleasure to have instrumentally trained this 2014 group of children in the art form of steel pan playing,” said facilitator and music teacher Keslon Wilson.

In his brief remarks, Wilson gave an account of what the programme offered its participants and stated that it was fun being able to work with them.

The music teacher told the audience that the students displayed true traits of being a musician, which include love for music, being respectful, courteous and honest.

“We have had fun and we traversed the discipline of music with the steel pan as the profound instrument of choice,” he said.

“[These] traits are sure to create men and women of integrity and are the backbone on which steel bands and nations build their foundations for a population of great men and women. You have within you, the ability, the opportunity to inherit and accept our rich heritage through culture and it is my fervent wish that you gladly accept the role that you are expected to play.”

Wilson shared his wish for the students to continue to nurture their musical experiences in as many varied forms as possible and thanked parents for allowing their children the opportunity to attend the summer programme.

In addition, the teacher thanked the Pan Against Crime committee and the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines for “their steadfast and unwavering dedication to children and the development of the steel pan.”

Representative from the Pan Against Crime committee Inspector Hawkins Nanton and various participants of the programme also delivered brief remarks.

During the closing ceremony, participants serenaded the audience with songs from various genres of music, using the steel pan. (BK)