Brewery launches ‘Vitamalt-Life Made Easy’ promotion
August 22, 2014

Brewery launches ‘Vitamalt-Life Made Easy’ promotion

The St Vincent Brewery Limited, through its beverage Vitamalt, has launched yet another promotion that will see Vitamalt drinkers winning cash, 4G cellular devices, phone credit and Vitamalt four packs.{{more}}

The latest promotion, dubbed, “Vitamalt-Life Made Easy,” was designed to reward Vitamalt drinkers and was launched last Monday, August 18, at the St Vincent Brewery Limited’s base in Campden Park.

Speaking during the launch, Operations Commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Limited Shafia London-Williams said that Vitamalt drinkers must look under the crown for individual letters that can be combined to spell either “VITA CASH,” “VITA CREDIT,” or just simply “VITA” and, as a result, win prizes.

Persons who have eight crowns with the letters that spell “VITA CASH” will instantly win US$150, while persons with 10 crowns that spell “VITA CREDIT” will win a 4G ready handset and credit. Also, simply have four crowns that spell “VITA” and you will get a six-pack of Vitamalt.

“The St Vincent Brewery Limited, through our brand Vitamalt, is pleased to launch this Vitamalt under the crown promotion”, said London-Williams, who stressed that the promotion is geared towards all consumers, “as we would like to reward them for enjoying their favourite malt beverage.”

“This is a true demonstration of our tagline – Vitamalt takes care of you,” said London-Williams who encouraged consumers to look under their crowns when they purchase Vitamalt.

“When you purchase Vitamalt, look under the crown and there will be various letters that can be combined to spell different words and based on the words spelt, you can win prizes,” explained London-Williams who said that cash prizes and handsets and credit must be redeemed at the Brewery, while Vitamalt six-packs can be redeemed from Brewery’s sales truck or from the Brewery itself.

“We want to encourage all consumers to continue enjoying Vitamalt and Vitamalt will continue to reward you. We are very pleased with this promotion, because we know at a time like this everybody needs cash, especially for those parents who have children going back to school… it is very easy to win”, said London-Williams.

She added that Vitamalt is the leading malt beverage in St Vincent and the Grenadines, “so we think that it is our responsibility to reward our consumers. We want to say thank you to customers and we know cash is something people value a lot and we also know that people need to be in touch and they need credit.”

Meanwhile, Marketing coordinator at the Brewery Kelvin Franklyn stressed, “the promotion is for everyone. We just had a very successful promotion for Hairoun Beer, so this is for persons who do not drink alcohol. We have a wide variety of products and we cater for everybody, so this is your chance to participate.”

Back in March, the St Vincent Brewery Limited through Vitamalt, did their ‘Vitabucks’ promotion, which saw persons being rewarded with 42” flat screen TVs, 32” flat screen TVs, smart phones, Apple Ipads, grocery vouchers and Vitamalt.

Also on Thursday, July 24th, Estelle ‘Maryie’ Davis, a 106-year-old, Mount Bentinck, Georgetown woman was rewarded with 10 cases of Vitamalt, as she had noted during an interview that she loved the soft drink.

This latest promotion runs from Monday, August 18th to Monday, September 29th, 2014.