August 19, 2014
Charles graduates with law degree in UK

On July 3, 2013, Chévanev Charles graduated from the University of Westminster, earning an upper second class LLB (Hons) law degree. He is the younger son of Minister Maxwell Charles and Deputy High Commissioner to London Doris Charles. After gaining 13 GCSEs, he gained AAA at A-levels, to gain a British scholarship from the University of Westminster.{{more}}

Chévanev (Chév) who turned 22 on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, attributes the strength and intellect he has developed only to God and thanks everyone involved in his achievement for being an absolute blessing. He expresses a heartfelt thank you to his parents, as without them he could not have succeeded. He thanks them for demanding high standards, being ever present as his pillars of support; giving love, finances and fostering spiritual growth. He thanks his grandmother Ruby Mattis of Vermont for her prayers and being a strong spiritual figure. He wants to thank his elder brother Mikhail Charles for setting the academic challenge and his cousins, too numerous to mention, for encouraging him.

The former Deputy Prime Minister and cousin Sir Louis Straker was instrumental in Chévanev’s success and he expresses sincere gratitude and is humbled by his cousin’s distinctly outstanding support.

Chevy also gives special gratitude to the Prime Minister, Dr Ralph E Gonsalves, for his continued all-round support. Without the vision of Prime Minister Dr Ralph E Gonsalves for the education revolution, Chévanev acknowledges that he would not have had the opportunities afforded to him. He urges the population not to lose sight of the sheer brilliance of their Prime Minister and his party or to divert support to interests of a far lower standard. This Prime Minister and his leadership team have done more for the youth on an aggregate level than any other has done. Chévanev thanks the Prime Minister and urges him to continue to lead from the front.

Chév is an active member of his church being the current drill instructor at his Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinder Club in West London and assists other clubs around South England Conference of Seventh Day Adventists and Area 6D London with drilling. He is involved in a lot of youth-based programmes and goes regularly to support his church’s street witnessing programme to share his faith. He is thankful for the strong positive Christian influence from his late grandmother Jenny Charles. Chév wishes to express love and gratitude to his home church in St Vincent – the Layou Seventh Day Adventist Church, because they were responsible for a sound biblical platform for his Christian faith and humility he now practices.

He has great respect, gratitude and wishes to thank the staff of all the academic institutions he has attended: Vinsave; Kingstown Preparatory School and especially the Saint Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) for his outstanding educational platform. He will never forget the influence his academic brothers and teachers gave him at Grammar School, especially those of Form 4 Arts, 2007. Special mention is made of his former teachers: Mrs Samuels – English; Mrs Olliviere – Information Technology and his former History teacher – Mr Curtis King.

He thanks the leadership of SVGS, from Mrs Leacock to Mr Jones, for the stern discipline and manners they have taught him over the years. It was this that led him to three years being employed as a part-time teacher at a private institution in London, teaching A-levels and GCSE English and History. A few of the students under his tutorship have gone on to study English at Oxford; London School of Economics; and UCL.

He is now pursuing the BPTC and Master’s in Law at the City University; a current member at Lincoln’s Inn, while he is working at a Tax and Litigation Law Firm in Chancery Lane, London. He thanks everyone for their contribution and prayers to his academic and spiritual successes as he too continues to pray for all.