Prinicipal of Mountain View pleased with CSEC results
August 15, 2014

Prinicipal of Mountain View pleased with CSEC results

Principal of the Mountain View Academy Anthony Ollivierre has expressed satisfaction with the performance of his students in the 2014 CXC/CSEC examinations.

Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that the school has received a pass rate of over 75 per cent.{{more}}

“We have an improved performance this year,” Ollivierre said, comparing the performance to last year’s pass rate of 57 per cent.

The principal noted that while Mountain View Academy does not usually receive top performers from primary school leaving examinations, he noted that there were some exceptional students in the group this year.

“We have improved performance in some of the subject areas. Mathematics is one of those subject areas,” he said.

“We have always been plagued with low scores in those areas, though sometimes it’s just over the double digit percentage. This year, we have been able to accomplish. We had 25 students writing and 13 of those were successful and five of them with grade ones.”

Ollivierre also noted that the school received great results in the sciences, recording 100 per cent passes in Physics and Biology and about 80 per cent passes in Chemistry.

Additionally, 100 per cent passes were recorded in Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Information Technology and Food and Nutrition, while 90 per cent passes were recorded in subject areas that include Agricultural Science and Home Economics Management.

In total, the Mountain View Academy offers 20 subject areas to their students.

The school’s top performer for 2014 is Delight Ollivierre, who received 14 subject passes, with 13 ones and one two.(BK)