August 15, 2014

New record for CSEC passes in SVG

A new local record for the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination subject passes has been set, with three students achieving passes in 14 subjects.{{more}}

Delight Ollivierre, of the Mountain View Adventist Academy, and Sherwin Peters and Richard John – both of the St. Vincent Grammar School – set the bar at a new high, when results were released earlier this week.

A press release from the Ministry of Education also indicated that there was one student who recorded 13 passes, 14 students with 12 passes and 27 students with 11 passes.

Overall, the Girls’ High School recorded the highest pass rate with 96.96 per cent. This was followed by the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown with 93.68 per cent, the St. Vincent Grammar School with 93.03 per cent and the Thomas Saunders Secondary with 85.27 per cent.

Ten other secondary schools achieved pass rates between 60 – 80 per cent; which included St. Martin’s Secondary School (78.2 per cent), St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (78.16 per cent), Adelphi Secondary School (75.88 per cent), Mountain View Adventist Academy (73.66 per cent), Union Island Secondary School (70.62 per cent), West St. George Secondary School (67.27 per cent), Intermediate High School (65.93 per cent), Central Leeward Secondary School (64.56 per cent), North Union Secondary School (63.99 per cent) and the Bishop’s College Kingstown (63.14 per cent).

The St. Martin’s Secondary School recorded the most significant improvement. In 2013, its pass rate was 54.95 per cent; representing a 23.25 per cent increase on this year’s pass rate.

Of the 3,190 candidates registered this year, 1,667 were private candidates and 1,523 were school candidates. They were entered in 32 subject areas with 71 per cent of subject entries being awarded Grades I – III. In 2013, this figure was 69 per cent.

This year, 10.81 per cent of passes were at Grade I level, 24.32 per cent at Grade II and 36.03 per cent at Grade III. Last year’s figures were 10.23 per cent, 23.02 per cent and 35.98 per cent, respectively.